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I was skeptical about Reiki going into my first class, but Loretta addressed my misgivings first through sharing research and then through direct experience. When she demonstrated Reiki on me in a seated position, I had an intense sensory experience that I did not expect! I found the course very interesting.

Reiki I & II Student


Austin, Texas

I have had the blessing of receiving Reiki from Loretta and being the recipient of her gifts as a healer. Loretta’s energy is strong, nurturing, intuitive and supportive. She was able to very clearly hone in on the physical and emotional pain I was carrying and help me to heal and release it. As a healer myself, I wholeheartedly endorse Loretta as a Reiki practitioner and would recommend her to all who seek healing in their body and spirit.

Dana Williams, LMT

Austin, Texas

I was hesitant to receive a Reiki treatment at first. I tend to be protective of my innermost being. Once I met with Loretta and let my guard down, the energy that was in the room was so intense- all while I was able to transcend into a deep meditative state. For the first time in years, my mind was completely clear of the chaos around me. She was able to "tune in" to physical pain (she had no way of knowing about my past knee injury) as well as many emotional scars that I carry within. When the session was done, I was so light and energized that I wanted another one immediately! I will continue to recommend Loretta Macias to anyone who is ready to move forward with their lives and let the past be just that.


Ausitn, Texas

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